Reclaim, Restore, Relive

Health events and health issues can permanently alter a person’s life. Common events that have a lasting effect on the ability to live independently include surgery, trauma, accidents, broken bones and strokes. Often, rehabilitation can help facilitate the ability to get better and speed up the return home. Rehab can help people to continue living independently or with as much independence as possible.

In-Patient and Out-Patient Rehab

In-patient rehabilitation and out-patient rehabilitation can both help a patient regain abilities. It all depends on that client’s needs. Ongoing rehabilitation can really help someone regain a level of independence necessary to continue living with a high quality of life and independence.

Energetic Therapy

Here at Pleasant Hill, our goal is to energize and encourage our rehabilitation clients. We create a therapy plan to achieve the best possible outcome for reclaiming movement and functionality. Our desire is for our clients and residents to be able to create a higher quality of life and overall better functionality than they ever thought possible.

3R Rehab / Reclaim • Restore • Relive

Our focus is on designing a great setting for recovery along with better care. Learn about our core values.

3R Rehab

Our rehabilitation provider is 3R Rehab, providing occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. We are happy that 3R Rehab is here, as 3R Rehab is a part of the BelieveWithUs project (read more about our values). Our caring staff of therapists here at 3R Rehab will help you to get energized and reclaim health in our warm and inviting environment.

Our focus is to help you achieve a higher level of functioning while getting you back home as soon as possible.


Therapy at Pleasant Hill Care Center

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Daily living skills are an important focus of what our occupational therapists work on with our residents. Each client works together with the therapist for a goal-oriented treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Clients with different health concerns can benefit from physical therapy. Therapy can help with bone, joint, neuromuscular, and cognitive issues among other health issues.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Swallowing ability, speech issues, eating problems, communication, and other issues can all be improved by attending therapy with our licensed speech therapists.

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