Our residents love it here! Here are a few testimonials that demonstrate the great vibe our residents have for Pleasant Hill Care Center.

Thank You

Over and over our residents express their deep gratitude for the help that our care team has given them.

This thankfulness for a great time and true healing is part of what makes Pleasant Hill Care Center so special.

Thank You Note

A Resident’s Letter

Pleasant Hill’s therapy team is great. They take time with you and make sure you are getting the therapy you need to get back home and take care of yourself. Without the great care I received at Pleasant Hill, I wouldn’t have been able to get home quickly.
          -Phyllis B.


Brenda P. was just 46 years old when she suffered a very severe stroke. She was on a ventilator, unable to walk, and had little use of her arms. She said, “I know that if it were not for the great therapy that I received at Pleasant Hill, I would have never come so far so quickly.”

In just weeks at Pleasant Hill the therapy team had her off of her ventilator, and walking. Brenda said, “The therapy gals were like family to me, they wouldn’t let me give up.”

Brenda’s first grandchild was born shortly after her stroke. Brenda said, “The first time I saw my granddaughter, I could not hold her. But now I am able to walk to her crib, pick her up and kiss her cheek, that is the best gift of all, and I know that I would not have been able to do that if not for all the wonderful people at Pleasant Hill Manor.”

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My husband spent a total of six months and four days in a hospital and then rehab. He had suffered two cardiac arrests, a stroke, kidney failure (on dialysis), is on a trach, numerous infections and lung collapses. Pleasant Hill Care Center was the closest place to home that would accept his condition. God had his plan. Nick ended up where he was supposed to be.

Nursing staff was wonderful! Rehab was fantastic! When discouraged, Nick was prodded to keep going. While Nick was very motivated to get home, he had a few days. No one would let him give up. John, Adam, and Andy were just what Nick needed. Not to slight anyone, but having guys to work with with similar interests helped…football, college basketball, etc.

When Nick came home on March 18th, he came home walking and caring for himself! We know that God has his Hand in it, but He also sent Angels…the staff at Pleasant Hill Care Center in Piketon, Ohio.

-Ann N.

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